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The Good Design Competition is a nationwide design competition held annually by the Institute of Industrial Design (Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego, IWP). The Competition awards well-designed products of different purpose: from broadly defined household equipment, working environment and public space, means of transport to services, new materialis, graphic design and packaging. After the pre-selection process, the products undergo a two-stage design evaluation: by the IWP expert team and afterwards by the international and multidisciplinary jury.

Products nominated for the Final Stage are presented on the Good Design Exhibition held at the IWP premises.

Thanks to the Good Design competition even smaller local companies have an opportunity to present and get award for their often very good results thanks to cooperation with designers and consultants in the design domain.

Monitoring and assessment (audit), conducted by the experts according to previously defined and developed criteria, allow the small, often unknown brands to compete with their larger peers. It is not the size or the brand recognition that counts in this competition. We do not measure and asses the brands’ power. We assess the quality of the product, its innovativeness, its adjustment to our market, but above all the added value created by the design’s application.

The special 20– year-old tradition of the Design of the Year, the prize of the Economy Minister, makes the competition even more prestigious. In 2009 this was also the prize of the Deputy Prime Minister. Getting Good Design prize allows the winner company for improving its position in the business.

The Good Designs are awarded in seven categories:

  • Home
  • Working environment
  • Public space
  • Services
  • New technologies
  • New materialis
  • Graphics design and packaging

There are better and better designed products available on the market, and their number will grow every year that is why the prize will be more and more difficult to win. Only the exceptional companies will be honored with its emblem. The competition winners are indeed exceptional. They have vision, courage to undertake risk, cooperation skills and will to develop themselves. Moreover, they are not afraid to undergo voluntary audit, they want to receive feedback, they want to know where they are on their way to success and what is their product’s position in the market.

The Designer of the Year is a very special prize founded by the President of the Institute of Industrial Design to the best Polish designer. This prize cannot be won by a single, even exceptional project. We look for special skills related to team work (like in 2007), determination and cooperation with companies that are small but global at the same time (like in 2008), or applying highest standards of design process and innovative solutions for everyday use items. The Designer of the Year is a special designer. His/her exhibition is organized in the Institute of Industrial Design at the beginning of the following year as an announcement of the next Good Design competition edition.



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