“Design Your Profit” (D+Y+P) is the abbreviated name of the key project “Improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises through the application of design (process and product innovation)”, conducted by the Institute of Industrial Design from September 1, 2008 to December 30, 2011. The project provides expertise, methodology and practical solutions in which companies and designers learn how to effectively create innovative product designs and place them on the market. D+Y+P is implemented in the framework of the European Union’s Operational Program for Economic Innovation.


EXPO 2010

Within the promotion of Polish economy on the Expo 2010 World Fair in Shanghai prepared by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, The Institute of Industrial Design presented an exhibition entitled “Added Value. Design from Poland” and prepared three one-day seminars on Design management. The seminars took place on May 24, 25 and 26. The “Added Value” exhibition, showing the best products of Polish Designers  took place in the Polish pavilion on May 1 – 31. It was accompanied by a publication introducing the visitors with the achievements and originality of Polish Design. The exhibition was organized as part of the The Institute of Industrial Design key project “Design your profit. The improvement of firm competitiveness by applying Design”.





Young Design is a nationwide competition for young designers (students and graduates in industrial design) organized each year by the Institute of Industrial Design (IID). The main prize is a scholarship memorial Wanda Telakowska. The scholarship is granted to most promising designs and young designers with the greatest potential.



The Imagine Cup, is an initiative from Microsoft that endeavors to encourage students around the world to apply their passion and creativity to create technology innovations solving real world problems through their curriculum practical projects. We participate in this great initiative co-organising three main categories - Games, Innovations and World Citizenship in the Polish edition.




We have published the Polish Designers Lexicon. It identifies Poland’s top designers and their achievements. It is published online and is available for free. The Lexicon is a result of our long-lasting research project, during which we identified and compiled the Polish designers’ profiles, their projects and achievements and we put them in one searchable and easy-to-use online database. There are currently about 500 biograms of polish designers of the twentieth and twenty-first century in the database.




The Good Design is an annual nationwide design competition, in which we award well-designed products in seven areas: home, working environment, public space, services, new technologies, graphisc and packaging and new materials. Thanks to the Good Design competition even smaller local companies have an opportunity to present and be awarded for their well designed products.