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Design plays a vital role in improving the companies’ competitive position and in that senses helps strengthen our economy. Therefore, our mission is to promote the effective use of design throughout the Polish businesses and a public sector.

In order to achieve this goal, we act as a strategic advisor in frame of industrial design. We advise and train companies from different sectors, as well as the institutions and local governments. Our main clients are the biggest and medium-size companies wanting to improve their market position through innovations and the use of design. We help integrate the business with the best design professionals so that the companies could get the capability to deliver more and more innovative products and services. We participate in the whole or in selected part of a new product development process depending on client’s individual requirements.

We have been on the market for nearly 60 years. We have experience in promoting the design, design management and new product development. We are the only institution in Poland with a status of research and scientific unit. We run research and development (R&D) projects in frame of the design and ergonomics.

We undertake the educational initiatives such as trainings for product managers and designers. We have launched the postgraduate design management studies for managers in cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics.

We promote the innovations and good design practices through organizing the exhibitions and competitions such as “Dobry Wzór” (Good Design).