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1st June – 5th September 2010
Wanda Telakowska exhibition hall
Our headquarters at Świętojerska 5/7, Warsaw


Exhibition curators:
Kathryn Best, Design Management Expert, the author of bestseller ‘Design Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation’ (2006), lecturer at INHolland University.
Krzysztof Bielski, Director of Design Centre
Substantive supervision:
Beata Bochińska, President of the Institute of Industrial Design
Exhibition manager:
Kaja Kobylańska, Design Centre
Małgorzata Kołtun
Exhibition scenography & graphics:



’21 design stories. Studia przypadków’ (case studies) exhibition presents the outcome of efficient collaboration between manufacturer and designer – 21 evidences for design = profit.

’21 design stories. Studia przypadków’ (case studies) is another exhibition of good design practices organised by the Institute of Industrial Design within ‘Design Your Profit’ (‘D+Y+P’) project, implemented in the framework of the European Union’s Operational Program for Economic Innovation.
The exhibition’s aim is to make Polish entrepreneurs and manufacturers aware that design application might lead to business success.
At the exhibition we will present 20 foreign products and services present at the market no longer than 10 years – 20 examples of design application that increased the sales. Each case will be described in the following scheme: SITUATION of the company/ PROBLEM seen as a task > SOLUTION (through design application) > RESULT (business success).
As 21st case we’ll show the workstation for computer work in a sitting-lying position, the recent product of Polish company PROFIm, the result of collaboration with the Institute of Industrial Design and Studio 1:1 Jarosław Szymański, independent design studio from Gdańsk. Currently, the workstation is at the stage of preparation to launch, and will be exhibited in July after its premiere on world finals of Imagine Cup in Warsaw.
The cases will be presented in 7 different contexts of design. In each of the cases, we indicate (with pictograms) the values that design application introduced to the product and its business environment.

Apart from the products, we will also present some data that illustrate the potential of the Polish industry. We would like Polish entrepreneurs that operate in individual industries to be able to confirm their influence on economy development and also to find a solid inspiration for their further actions.

Amog the exhibits appear:

  • Dyson Air MultiplierTM Fan, the result of 4 years of collaboration between engineers and designers lead by James Dyson, 2009
  • ELIET NEO shredder, designed by PiliPili, 2008
  • W+W (Washbasin + Watercloset) by Roca, G&O Buratti, 2009
  • Sanyo’s “eneloop” Reachargeable LED Lantern ENL-L1EX, Takuo Nomi, 2009


The exhibition was created as part of the kay project Design your Profit. The inprovement of the competitiveness of enterprises through the application of design (produt and process innovation), conducted by the Institute of Industrial Design.